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Our Lady Catholic Primary School At Our Lady School, We Learn to Love and Love to Learn with Jesus.

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I warmly welcome your thoughts on the school – in particular on how and where you think the Governing Body could work with the head-teacher to improve the school even more. You can contact me through the school office or directly at

You may also want to take be aware of some protocols so that your engagement with the school can be most effective.

Except in some specific cases, your first point of contact should be your child’s class teacher. She / he will know your child best, and will want to work closely with you to make sure your child reaches his / her maximum potential. Please try to spend time to build an open, constructive and trustful relationship with the teacher. First and foremost, it is in the interests of your child. Not only will this help you receive (and provide) updates to one another about your child, but it will bring you even closer to the progress of your child at school.

You may find that there are times when you would like to solicit further professional advice on the education or development of your child. You should feel free, at any point, to contact the head-teacher, Mrs. Corr directly. She will work with you to try and make sure that, whatever your concern, the skills and resources of the whole school and the senior management team are working for your child.

There may be times when you would like the Governing Body to become directly involved in an issue or a concern. More detailed protocols are set out in the following policies, which you can access by clicking on the title:

  • Complaint’s Procedure
  • Anti-bullying Policy
  • Prevention of / Dealing with Racist Incidents
  • Child Protection
  • Authorised / Unauthorised Absence.

Please contact the school office for further guidance.




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