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Our Lady Catholic Primary School At Our Lady School, We Learn to Love and Love to Learn with Jesus.

House Points
  • Aylesford 313
  • Fatima 297
  • Lourdes 369
  • Walsingham 383

Our current activities


Our key priorities for the coming terms are set out below – your thoughts / comments are warmly welcomed.

Planned activities include:


  • Review of the school’s Self-Evaluation Form (SEF) – this sets out the school’s own assessment of its performance, and is a key review document for Ofsted
  • Ongoing dialogue with Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) education team, including the Annual Review Visit (JARV)
  • Approval of the school’s development plan (SDP) for 2010 / 11 – this is an operational plan which sets out how the school will deliver our targets for the next year
  • Approval of the school’s prospectus and profile for 2010 / 11 – these are key documents which ‘represent’ our school to prospective parents.

Policies coming up for review:


The Governing Body is responsible for all key activities in our school being conducted and monitored in the right way. It does this by setting out policies. As you would expect, these policies cover a wide range of activities, including how individual subjects are taught in the school, the behaviours the school expects of its children and staff, how the school addresses any bullying, and how the school manages its finances and its staff. A full listing of policies can be found on the 'Policies' link..

Policies are monitored / reviewed on an annual basis. Policies which will be reviewed in forthcoming terms are set out below. You may have a strong opinion or some other input to make on these aspects of the school. Please share it with me so that we can take it into account during our review.

  • Early Years Foundation – learning & teaching in our nursery / reception years
  • Health & Safety – a termly inspection is carried out on the whole school
  • Behaviour & Discipline
  • Safeguarding Children – an annual review, which includes equality, anti-bullying, self-esteem, attendance
  • Learning & Teaching – an over-arching review on how we ensure that our school effectively delivers the curriculum.
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