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Our Lady Catholic Primary School At Our Lady School, We Learn to Love and Love to Learn with Jesus.

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“A school that has a very caring and supportive ethos…
being kind and considerate is very important at Our Lady”
Ofsted, 2018


We are delighted that you are interested in applying for a place for your child at Our Lady School, which is a single form entry, Voluntary Aided Primary School under the Diocese of Westminster.  Children born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 are due to start Reception Class, the first year of primary school, in September 2020.


We will be holding Open Days for children offered a place, those still looking for a place, and for 2021 Entry in the Summer Term.  We warmly invite you to Our Lady to see the school in action, as well as to meet with Senior Leaders and members of the school community.




The application process for 2020 Entry closed on 15th January 2020.  Offers will be made by the Local Authority on 16th April 2020.


For the full timeline and guidance please download the Our Lady Catholic Primary School 2020-2021 Reception Admissions Policy.   Appeals information can be found here.




The application process is now open and closes on 13th March 2020. 


Applications to the Nursery class at Our Lady Catholic Primary School must be made by returning the “Supplementary Information Form” (SIF) directly to the School Office. Please note also that a Certificate of Catholic Practice is required in order for a child to be allocated to criteria 2 or 3 of the oversubscription criteria. 


For the full timeline and guidance please download the Our Lady Catholic Primary School 2020-2021 Nursery Admissions Policy


There is no automatic transfer from the Nursery School to the Primary School. A further formal application must be made for entry to the Primary School. 


The admissions process and all its forms can appear very confusing and daunting. Please feel free to call the school office if it helps to talk about the process, and you are very welcome to arrange an appointment to guide you through the paperwork (in complete confidence). 




Occasionally we have vacancies in our school outside the normal admission times. If we do not have a vacancy you are still welcome to complete our in year admission form and return it to the school. Please download the form here.



Our Governing Body has now determined the policy for September 2021 Entry, the policy can be found in our Documents section at the end of this page.  Please check back throughout the Autumn Term for further information and feel free to come along to one of our Summer Term Open Days.

Policies, forms and information

Document and link

Further Information


Supplementary Information Form (‘SIF’) 2020 Entry

This form captures information which is additional to that which you provide on the Hertfordshire Common Application Form (or ‘CAF’). It helps make sure that the school, as a Catholic school, prioritises all applications correctly. While not a requirement, the school’s Governing Body asks that you complete the SIF to ensure that your application is given the correct priority.


Certificate of Catholic Practice 2020 Entry

  • This is the only evidence used by the Governing Body to determine whether or not a family is practicing their faith.  This document is available from your parish priest, where you normally worship.


Admissions Privacy Policy 2020 Entry

Our Lady Catholic Primary School is a data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2018 and is committed to dealing with your information safely and securely


Admissions Policies

Document and link

Further Information

Reception Admissions Policy 19-20

Policy for September 2019 Entry

Nursery Admissions Policy 19-20

Policy for September 2019 Entry

Reception Admissions Policy 20-21

Policy for September 2020 Entry

Nursery Admissions Policy 20-21

Policy for September 2020 Entry

Admissions Policy 21-22

Determined Policy for September 2021 Entry


Hertfordshire Local Authority Information


For full information on the Co-ordinated Admissions Process please visit the Admissions Section of the Hertfordshire website.



Copies of all the documents  and forms (with the exception of the Certificate of Catholic Practice)  are available at the school.


The Hertfordshire timetable for Co-ordinated Admissions for 2019-20 can be found here:

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