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Year 6

Teacher : Mr Abrahams

Teaching Assistant : Mrs Hobbs

World Book Day

Fr. Norbert led a wonderfully interactive session in the church - in which year 6 were exploring the different components of the Mass

Year 6 visited the Welwyn Garden City War Memorial, as part of their History topic. They are studying the impact of WW1 and WW2 on the local area.

In our History lesson we were learning all about the pre-WW1 European alliance system.  We created our own map of Europe and formed our own alliances based on secret messages, signed treaties and strategic positioning.

Christmas Lunch

Christmas Fun Day

The Maya invented a new number system, as a way to record numbers. They worked out difficult Maths using only 3 symbols - a shell which meant zero, a dot which meant one and a dash which meant five. Year 6 created their own Maya numbers using sticks, pebbles and shells.

Kind words and actions can help everyone to feel good on the inside. Year 6 tried to spread the word and inspire others to follow their lead with one kind word.

PCSO visit to Year 6 to talk about how to be considerate when riding bikes.

In Maths, we played a game that originated from China called Nim. Some of year 6 worked out a strategy to win.

Year 6 Talent Show

Ava took part in an exercise involving trust. She trusted Mrs Lee and ended up safely sitting on the chair.

Year 6 have been counting across zero. They became very competitive when playing the maths game!

Father Norbert visited Year 6 and spoke about inspirational people. We discussed how Mary Our Mother inspires us in our approach to one another and our faith.

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