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Racial Justice and Equality

School Context

Over the past two years, school leaders and teachers and governors have worked together to ensure our children are provided with a rich, relevant and representative curriculum. As a school community, we felt that it was important that what our children are taught reflects and inspires them. We were keen to ensure children see themselves represented in their lessons and in resources and that what is taught provides them with a sense of belonging and identity.

What have we done?

  • Leaders have audited our current provision to create an action plan which included appointing an RJED co-ordinator, creating a pledge and a policy.
  • All staff have attended RJED training to create an 'anti-racist' school.
  • Leaders have been reviewing and diversifying the curriculum in terms of it's representation of significant people.
  • Staff are working to provide children with current, positive Black, British role models.
  • We have reviewed all of our Personal Development curriculum, including SMSC.

Our next steps...

  • Continue to monitor and evaluate the impact of our action plan.
  • Prioritise RJED CPD for staff.
  • Ensure staff consistently challenge stereotypes.
  • Work collaboratively with our families.
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