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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Teacher : Mrs Valentine

Teaching Assistant: Mrs V Hill


Christmas Fun Day

yes Well done. Thomas and Natalie are the first ones to crack the Caesar cipher.  No clues were necessary!



Daniel followed the instructions and made a pair of sandals from natural materials and also a pair of Roman caligae. Well done Daniel, I can see that you worked really hard with these projects!

Natalie cut, glued and sewed, bit by bit to create a fantastic Roman sandal. Her hard work has certainly paid off!



Roman sandals consisted of a leather sole attached to the foot with interlacing thongs. 

Emanuelle made a fantastic effort to create her own Roman sandals.

Natalie created a number of different mixtures. What type of investigation did she carry out?
Annie's work from yesterday, we went for the sock and sandal look 😁
Thomas completed his homework to produce this Roman caligae. A great effort Thomas. 
Week 2 and Anna is ready for a walk in her Roman sandals!
Footwear made by Grace - very elegant.
Wow! Natalie has used her design skills to produce a very stylish pair of shoes

Fabulous Footwear created by Thomas


Annie and Maria made these shoes out of leaves, grass and flowers. I wonder how they compare to your trainers!?

Click on the following links to see the Curriculum information for Year 5:

World Book Day 2020

Keeping fit is important for our Wellbeing.

Learning to cut and slice to create a healthy pudding in Wellbeing.

Upthrust is a force that exists in liquids.

Visit to Synagogue


Gripping work (Forces)

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