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Our Lady Catholic Primary School At Our Lady School, We Learn to Love and Love to Learn with Jesus.

House Points
  • Aylesford
  • Fatima
  • Lourdes
  • Walsingham

Who's Who

Here is a list of the staffing structure for 2019/20:
Headteacher Mr Curry
Deputy Headteacher Mr Abrahams
Nursery Mrs Sweet/Miss Bunnage
Reception Mrs Ferrin/Miss Lee
Year 1 Mrs Avery
Year 2 Mrs Weaver
Year 3 Miss Pearce
Year 4 Mrs Wilson
Year 5 Mrs Valentine
Year 6 Mr Abrahams/Mrs Lee
Music/French Teacher Mrs McDonagh
SenCo Miss McDonald
Secretary Mrs Young
Admin Assistant Mrs Hobbs
Teaching Assistant - Nursery

Mrs Staniforth

Teaching Assistant - Reception Miss Bunnage
Teaching Assistant - Year 1 Mrs Green/Mrs Staniforth
Teaching Assistant - Year 2 Mrs O'Donnell
Teaching Assistant - Year 3 Miss Gorman
Teaching Assistant - Year 4 Ms Moore-Shields
Teaching Assistant - Year 5 Mrs A Hill
Teaching Assistant - Year 6 Mrs Hobbs
MSA Miss Gorman
MSA Mrs V Hill
MSA Mrs O'Donnell
MSA Ms Moore-Shields
MSA Mrs Stubbs
Librarian Mrs Byrne
Site Manager Mrs Kochanowska
Cleaner Mrs Gaylard
Cleaner Mrs Murphy
Cleaner Mrs Stubbs



All staff are cleared by the Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) to work with children.

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